Lighting design & manufacture

Aurora House, Ealing | Bespoke lit fins | Office facade lighting | The Light Lab
48 Leicester Square | Exterior facade lighting | The Light Lab
Friars Walk | Spectraglass Balustrade | The Light Lab
24 Chiswell Street | Bespoke commercial office facade lighting | The Light Lab
City Speaks, Hull Tidal barrier | Micheal Pinsky interactive installation | The Light Lab
Here East, Stratford | specialist lighting installation | The Light Lab
UAE Pavillion, Milan | Public realm lighting | The Light Lab
Bespoke Lighting | Old Spitalfields Market, London | Light Lab
Bespoke Lighting | Broadgate Circle | Light Lab
Omagh Firestation | Specialist lighting design | The Light Lab
97 Highbridge road, Uxbridge | Exterior lighting | The Light Lab
International House, Ashford | Exterior facade lighting | The Light Lab
Specialist lighting | Lakeview, Manchester | Light Lab
Lighting Installations | Sun Court, London | Light Lab
HSBC, Hong Kong | Specialist lighting | The Light Lab
Lighting Installations | Union Square, Aberdeen | Light Lab
Derry Playhouse | Exterior lighting | The Light Lab
77 Shaftsbury Avenue | commercial office lighting | The Light Lab
Broadmead Shopping Centre | Exterior lighting | The Light Lab
East India Company | Retail lighting | The Light Lab

Exterior lighting will always present a different challenge to our team, due to weather conditions affecting the lighting & installation, and the requirement to create waterproof, sealed lighting, while still maintaining the design. We are typically involved in the structural design of the exterior lighting; often drawing on the expertise of our structural engineer to create to whole feature. Structural design was necessary on projects such as the office entrance portals at 97 Uxbridge Road & at University of the Arts, Chelsea, where we created stunning linear patterns of light in the ground with in-ground Glowline fittings, which also had to with-stand the breakdown of weather & tread.