Bobby Moore Bridge

Property developers Quintain have launched the refurbished Bobby Moore Bridge pedestrian underpass at Wembley Park; a project which saw The Light Lab take on full management, fabrication and installation responsibilities, as bespoke design and build main contractor.
Initial concept for the project came from the team at Dixon Jones Architects, with lighting design by Speirs + Major brought on to ‘help envision the after dark experience’, and light art by Tiller Studio.

In its previous state, the Bobby Moore subway was uninviting; and as part of the transformation the client Quintain required high-definition media advertising screens at each end of the bridge. Taking both these factors into account, Speirs Major looked at how they could incorporate the screens into the lighting design and transform the entire passageway into a positive spatial experience.  
In addition to site managing the whole project, The Light Lab assisted Speirs & Major on the bespoke design and had their specialist team manufacture the bespoke fittings, also fabricating a new ceiling, SPI controlled backlit wall glazing and supporting metalwork; leading our teams of specialist installers to complete the 14 week schedule. Wishbone Exterior Lighting was the specialist external lighting contractor responsible for the electrical installation.
Using the latest in SPI technology, the individually controlled multi-LED pixels provide the wall lighting behind acid etched, toughened laminated glass with a sentry-glass interlayer – ensuring a safe and robust cladding and a calming environment, in an area subject to post-match crowding as fans queue to get into the station.
Within the ceiling, bespoke Light Lab products Glowline, linear LEDs (also SPI-controlled), link the two walls, completing the “crossover” effect. Intelligent lighting control is provided by the Pharos LPC100 controller.
In addition, a section of the heritage tiles have been renovated and illuminated in the centre of the East wall, to celebrate the history of Wembley and Bobby Moore; the plaque in dedication to him being the centerpiece.
Emergency back-up, bespoke recessed downlights, provide ambient lighting to the area.

The first of the artistic content has been commissioned from architectural design collective, miriamandtom.

Entitled Crossover, the work reflects the complex makeup of the community that live and pass through Wembley Park every day. Crossover takes its palette from the surrounding area and the bands of colour have been arranged in deliberately angular contrast to the dynamic appearance of the architecture.
As light artist Tom Sloane describes:
“Having the opportunity to bring an element of celebration that’s deeply rooted in the surrounding community to people’s daily routine while simultaneously having the chance to design an artwork that will be many people’s first impression of Wembley Park was a great commission to take on. We hope people feel that Crossover will enhance not only the Bobby Moore Bridge, but their regular interaction with the space in positive ways.”

Crossover from Andras Kare on Vimeo.

The Bobby Moore Bridge is both a marker of arrival and departure at Wembley Park and Crossover will bring a daily sense of celebration to the residents of Wembley Park, visitors to the area, and the steady crossover of people and events that the bridge is witness to.
Edward Jones from Dixon Jones Architects describes how their design concept was to transform Bobby Moore Bridge from a neglected and routine piece of civil engineering into a ‘glittering Proscenium leading to the wonders of Wembley.’

The overall lighting scheme by Spiers & Majors at Olympic Way, Wembley Park (which includes Bobby Moore Bridge), has recently been shortlisted in the Lighting Design category in FX Awards 2021.

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ArchitectDixon Jones
Lighting DesignSpeirs & Major
Services design & build project management – architects Exterior Lighting Public Realm Lighting
PhotographyAmanda Rose & The Light Lab
A Guiding Light
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A Guiding Light
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A Guiding Light
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Crossover by Miriamandtom Stadium View Bobby Moore Bridge Wembley Park Credit Wembley Park
A Guiding Light
Crossover by Miriamandtom Bobby Moore Bridge Wembley Park Credit Chris Winter 1
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