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about us

It’s all about the process; bringing a project in house from start to finish.  We work with design concepts that are bold and creative and to take the challenges and problems faced by architects/lighting designers and provide solutions that enable their designs to be realised.  We supply and manage all elements of a project, ensuring total design integrity. 

  • Design Brief 

Sit down with us to help us to understand your project requirements in detail and we’ll help make sure your project concepts can become reality. 

  • Collaboration & Design 

We will work in close collaboration with all project stakeholders to ensure that they are supported every step of the way and that the design delivers on all aspects of the clients’ brief.  Experience tells us that it’s important to manage expectations with bespoke manufacture and therefore we will often bring initial ideas to life, by fabricating design mock-ups, before committing to full scale manufacture and installation.  

  • Structural Design 

Working with consultant engineers we ensure that the structural integrity of all our light installations are engineered to the highest level. We produce lighting schematics and product specification for all electrical equipment and provide full Method Statement, Risk Assessment (RAMS) and Operations & Maintenance management throughout. 


  • Fabrication  

Fabrication takes place in our UK workshops where all aspects of the design are followed through, enabling completely bespoke features to be developed and implemented.  Retaining control of all aspects of the production process means that we only use the highest quality materials and can confidently ensure the highest levels of durability and reliability alongside our commitment to great design. 

  • Installation  

The crucial final stage in the project delivery process; this is when the project concept is brought to life. The Light Lab installation team will provide fully trained and experienced installers for glass, metal and electrical elements and work alone or in conjunction with other trades to ensure that the highest quality is maintained throughout the entire process. 

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