about us

We believe that lighting should be an integral part of the building design and we therefore encourage creating bespoke project-specific solutions rather than compromising around existing lighting products. This allows lighting elements to be as discrete as possible whilst maximizing their impact in achieving the designer’s ambitions for the space and environment. As our features are usually the last element to install on site, we tend to be the stressful end of construction projects, so our aim is to deliver projects on time, to the highest standard, and always with a smile on our face.

We focus our lighting solutions on specialist lighting installationbespoke lighting installation and specialist lighting design. Alongside this we offer a wide range of lighting products, designing and manufacturing our own fittings and providing the highest level of quality and performance in our final installation.

The growth of The Light Lab has brought with it new opportunities for us to take on larger global projects; resulting in projects across the Middle East, China, Africa and Australia. Meanwhile we continue to work with such a well of talented designers and architects from the UK, meaning the basis of our work is incredibly enjoyable and we look forward to the next decade of The Light Lab and its continued growth.

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