We’ve introduced 2 new bespoke LED products to our Linear lighting range.

You can download spec sheets from the Lighting Products section of our website.

The LinLED-MINI-HO-SINGLE-CHANNEL uses miniature optics on a narrow width board to provide optimum performance to a low profile extrusion fitting. Making it ideal for cove lighting, wall washing , edge lighting glass and other applications where extra punch is required to the standard 120 deg LED output. Available in warm, natural and cool white as well as a range of static colours.



The LinLED-1W-LO-SINGLE-CHANNEL allows for wallwash applications with LEDs at 66mm spacing rather than the 33mm of the HO product. This provides even and continuous light performance in a more cost effective and lower wattage fitting. Ideal for cove lighting details with an adjustable rear bracket mounted extrusion. Available in our full range of whites.



Author The Light Lab