the latest on the light lab


The Lighting Event Season Begins

As the summer begins to come to a close, students return to their education people return from their holidays refreshed and ready for work, September is a busy month for those in lighting design and […]


Lighting is at its Most Important

Light is wonderful stuff. Not only would we as a civilisation be in dire straits without it, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving as we learn to manipulate it and make the most […]


Tech in the home

There’s no doubt about it – our homes are getting smarter. Gone are the days where fridges were simply places of appropriately chilled storage and hoovers were controlled by the human touch, instead we have […]


Bringing the High-street to Life

Each town or city around the country, whether we realise it or not, has been created in accordance with strict design practices and policies. It’s the reason why beautiful towns in regions like the Lake […]


The Light Lab are Hiring!

The Light Lab is hiring! We’re currently looking for a full-time Technical Designer & Studio assistant to join our team! Find out more details at the links below: Technical Designer / Draughtsman Studio Assistant