Aviva Studios, in Manchester, is a landmark new cultural space for Manchester, comprising of a 13,250 sqm building; developed by Manchester City Council, with backing from Arts Council England, The new home of Factory International is a unique multi use space, with an adaptable space to suit any kind of set up –  ‘from intimate theatre shows and intricate exhibitions, to huge multimedia performances and warehouse-scale gigs fit for the greatest artists of our time’.

Designed by Ellen van Loom of OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), the lighting design by BDP, specified The Light Lab’s custom LED handrail Glowrail, to illuminate several key areas within the building.

Our specialist team fabricated and installed our custom stainless steel LED Glowrail product in the entrance hall to the Warehouse; the connecting stair to the Andrew & Zoe Law hall and also an orange powder coated rail was fitted for a more functional fire escape stair.

Our Glowrail product delivers a sophisticated lighting solution to Aviva Studios, with the sleek lines of seamless light, creating a harmonious blend of form & function.


Aviva, Manchester | The Light Lab | Bespoke LED handrail Aviva, Manchester | The Light Lab | Bespoke LED handrail

Author Ellen Murphy