The Light Lab would like to take this opportunity to send a message of support to all of our clients and peers within the lighting industry during this difficult time.
In view of the current government guidelines associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, The Light Lab team have been successfully working remotely for the past 2 weeks.
This new working environment has led to a strong sense of team spirit, as we have pulled together to create an adaptable and sustainable way of working together remotely, to ensure continuity of our workflow and projects.
The tools at hand have enabled us to catch up regularly as a team via video link; to ensure our communication channels are flowing as usual; holding design meetings, sharing drawings, and planning for the weeks & months ahead.
We are fortunate to have most of our workshops and suppliers still operational, so can happily say The Light Lab can operate our business as usual; continuing to support the requirements of our clients, whilest ensuring the health risks to our team are minimised.
With a continuing steady flow of new orders and project enquiries, we remain optimistic for the future, and will continue to review and update our business strategy to keep in line with government advice, as we adapt to the evolving circumstances.
In the meantime stay safe, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Author Ellen Murphy