Waterloo Station

LED trimless ceiling panels for station stairwells

The Light Lab have recently completed work on a bespoke LED panel ceiling as part of the congestion relief work at Waterloo Station by the Wessex Capacity Alliance. Working to their initial concept, the team manufactured a bespoke LED panel ceiling for the new commuter stairwells between platforms 1 & 4. Due to the size of area and the need for a 0 fire-rated ceiling, it was necessary to adapt from our LED panel range to suit; resulting in a variation of the existing product; the new LED Trimless Ceiling Panel.

Working in transport/infrastructure often requires us to adhere to specific guidelines.
For this project, the design conditions required us to use a polycarbonate diffuser to provide a lightweight and fire-rated solution. The next design challenge was the maintenance requirements, as all fittings needed to be hingeable and maintained from the rear of the fitting.

For this The Light Lab designed a primary structural frame, with each panel on a slide and hinge detail – allowing each panel to slide out and hinge down.

Due to the confined space, the panels and hanging frame were designed to a total of only 140mm – with each panel having an integral dimmable power supply to rear and allowance for emergency.
The final solution allows large areas of illuminated ceiling with minimal shadow gap (3mm) detailing between panels – with a solution that works to regular maintenance and public spaces.

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