Bespoke leather LED handrail

The new office build for Hiscox, York features a centerpiece comprised of three cast concrete stairways that flow elegantly through the heart of the triple-height atrium. Designed by Make Architects, these helical style stairways hover effortlessly high above the ground floor as workers are able to drift leisurely beneath. A room awash with tonnes of natural light and contemporary architecture, The Light Lab were tasked with providing bespoke LED handrails using Glowrail product. A distinctive building externally, with bold curving corners and rounded glass windows, the handrail is a stunning addition to this already rich architectural design.

Harcourt London added the finishing touches, cladding the handrails in rich, high-quality leather. Close coordination and a shared creativity between the parties involved resulted in the creation of a show-stopping bespoke leather LED handrail for the client, who were delighted with the result. This polished place of work is set to be a landmark building and we are thrilled to have been part of this project.

“We wanted to accentuate the already prominent presence of all three stairways, whilst ensuring they were in tune with the unmistakable ambience of the room. With style and substance in mind, our innovative LED Glowrail product was the lighting of choice for the project. The Glowrail produces high output continuous lines of light that are able to stretch along great distances, regardless of shape. The Glowrail was fitted along the entirety of each unique ribbon-like structure by our team, with the result being a series of striking, weaving streams of light. The project also benefited from the installation of emergency back-ups that will cover all three staircases”

Marcus Cave Design Director

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