12 Arthur Street

The Light Lab manufactured and installed a striking bespoke atrium feature at the commercial office development at 12 Arthur Street, London; realising the initial design concept by Morrow & Lorraine Architects & Studio Fractal.
We fabricated custom extruded and rolled aluminium extrusion into complete rings of 4 different sizes with a anodised finished to match the brass trims used throughout the atrium.
Our team then installed the rings, suspended from the ceiling in specific individual positions and orientations to create an intricate interlocking pattern and an eye catching atrium feature for the office reception area. The lift lobbies adjacent to the atrium also use the same profile and finish for the linear wall lights providing a halo of light and ensuring design consistency. In addition our LED trimless panels are installed above the entrance to each liftcar.

ArchitectMorrow + Lorraine Architects
Lighting DesignStudio Fractal
ProductsBespoke ChandeliersGlowpanel Trimless
Services Bespoke Lighting Manufacturer Specialist lighting installation
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