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led trimless panel

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Our signature LED Trimless Panel light features edge lighting technology with a choice of glass diffusers, with rear fixings that make for seamless installation. The elegant finish of the LED Trimless Panel lighting makes it a perfect addition to any interior design project or large scale commercial build.


  • the LED Trimless Panel has no front framework and rear fixings to allow seamless joining of panels for a potentially endless wall of even light.
  • full addressable DMX/DALI control available the design possibilities are wide reaching for both temporary and permanent solutions.
  • Illuminating surfaces is made easy with our panel system reducing depth up to below 25mm allowing for many applications.
  • Available in a variety of outputs and can be made up to IP68.
  • Full colour range and addressable DMX/DALI control options mean multi-panel usage can open many design opportunities.
  • LED panels can be used in ceiling, wall and underfoot situations and are perfect for highlighting graphics where there is no space for a lightbox.
  • IP rated LED panels have proved an innovative design feature for modern kitchen and bathroom designs also exciting commercial applications.
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