Glowpanel Trimless LT

LED trimless lightbox

trimless lightbox

Glowpanel Trimless LT

Glowpanel Trimless LT is a versatile product in the LED panel range; backlit with LED matrix boards to create a totally even illumination from any angle. Constructed from laser cut, and mitred, acrylic, the lightboxes are made to size and shape, allowing them to fill structures.
Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications, it can be mounted proud to view all 5 lit sides or mounted flush to give a trimless appearance.

Key features

Tailored: Fully tailorable size providing even surface illumination on 5-sides with minimal depth and no visible trim.
LED: Wide range of light outputs, colour temperatures and colours available in a range of outputs.
Control: Switched, 0-10/1-10v, DAL, DMX and SPI (pixel) control options mean multi-panel usage can open many design opportunities.
Aesthetic: Large area lit ceiling panels with trimless diffuser with options for fully addressable LEDs for pixel control.
Application: Interior wall and ceiling but can be adapted to suit many others too.

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