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Glowline - Curved

key features

Curved Glowline is a low profile linear acrylic LED fitting providing a vivid, even strip of light. A versatile product that can adapt to many applications; the curved Glowline can both follow architectural lines or stand alone as a design feature.


  • Glowline can be positioned end to end, providing a theoretically endless line of light. The fittings can be produced bespoke as flush, proud or recessed in curved sections.
  • Available in 12, 16, 20, 25, 50mm as standard with white and RGB fittings all DMX/DALI addressable.
  • Various applications for Glowline include functional in-ground and step illumination right through to decorative wall and ceiling panels.
  • Glowline is a low voltage solution providing sharp lines at light source combined with an even light spread.
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