commercial office lighting

The Light Lab specialise in realizing intricate and unique lighting designs. Over the past 12 months, the team has been working hard to bring design concepts to life; creating exquisite bespoke lighting for commercial office spaces. Our linear LED product ‘Glowline‘ has always been a firm favourite for office lighting and in the past 18 months we have developed the product to manufacture a curved Glowline – resulting in a simple, clean design that adds a stylised and contemporary feel to any commercial office space.
A recent example of this is a curvedĀ Glowline feature that The Light Lab designed, manufactured & installed in the meeting room of a London based design agency. Made from laser cut, diffused + frosted acrylic, high output white LEDs and bespoke curved metalwork, the feature is suspended from the ceiling with 2mm steel cables (which can also be used to supply the power).
The lighting feature complements the existing contemporary style of the room, using a simple curve of light to create an ambient centre piece for the meeting space.

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