A fantastic review of our product at this year’s DARC Room pop up @ Design London by Chris Fordham for The Light Review online.

“It was great to see on show a product from The Light Lab that broke the mould and left you thinking of innovative ways you in which you could use it. The world is certainly moving towards – and expecting more from – everyday objects. We are entering an age where you can simply text your washing machine to start the laundry or check in with your smartphone to see if there is any milk left in the refrigerator.

The Light Lab was showing for the first time a ‘Tailored Light Panel’ with interactive digital pixel LED. As Chris Burridge (Sales Director) explained ‘We’ve been producing tailored light panels for years but have never really demonstrated them using digital pixel LED to create interactive experiences with sound and video.”

Read the full write up on The Light Review website here

Author Ellen Murphy