The Light Lab Brings Metalworking In-House with Shrewsbury Workshop Launch

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The Light Lab are delighted to announce the opening of a brand new workshop in Shrewsbury to bring all custom metalworking in-house, which has now been in operation for the past 7 months.

This new facility is a significant step towards improving quality of our products, shorter and more reliable lead times, better sustainability and better value to our clients

Introducing The Light Lab: Our New Hub for Innovation and Precision

The Light Lab, our newly established in-house metalwork workshop, is equipped with advanced shaping, tooling, machining, and welding capabilities. This facility allows us to control every aspect of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each Glowrail product meets the highest standards of precision and quality.

“Our new in-house metalwork workshop is a game-changer for The Light Lab,” says Mal Evans, Metalwork & Glowrail specialist at The Light Lab. “It allows us to bring unparalleled precision and quality to our Glowrail product while reducing costs and enhancing sustainability. This facility represents our commitment to innovation and excellence in architectural lighting.”

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Key Features and Benefits

Shaping and Tooling: Advanced tech for intricate, bespoke designs.

Machining and Welding: Robust construction and seamless joints.

Finishing: Superior polishing and finishing techniques.

Quality Control: Comprehensive checks ensure top standards.

Production Speed: Faster delivery with in-house production.

Sustainability: Reduced transport and waste for eco-friendliness.

Survey Accuracy: Precise 3D scanning for perfect fits.

Design Control: Enhanced innovation and continuous improvement.

Workmanship: Skilled craftsmen ensure exceptional quality.

Fabrication and Finish: High standards for quality and precision.

Customer Responsiveness: Improved efficiency for better service.


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Author Ellen Murphy