Roseus Chandelier

The Light Lab were commissioned by artist George Singer to manufacture bespoke LED fittings to his striking design for a bespoke atrium feature in the lobby of the Malmaison Hotel in York.
The ‘Roseus Chandelier’ is fabricated from hundreds of solid acrylic rods and incorporates a  ‘full colour-changing LED, central light source and spots’, so that the colour of the chandelier can be easily changed via a control system on a smartphone app.

ClientMalmaison Hotel, York
Lighting DesignGeorge Singer
Light ArtGeorge Singer
FabricationGeorge Singer
Services Bespoke Lighting Manufacturer Specialist lighting installation
PhotographyMartina Ferrera
s George Singer York chandelier photo 1
s George Singer York chandelier photo 4
s220426 Malmaison 01 1
220426 Malmaison 06 copy
s George Singer York chandelier photo 2
s.George Singer York chandelier photo 3