IPG Mediabrands

Bespoke office feature

The Light Lab realised the design concept, by 18 Degrees Lighting Design, to manufacture and install a bespoke illuminated entrance portal for IPG Mediabrands; situated on the 7th floor of a new office development near the Old Bailey, St Pauls. Using Glowline LED linear fittings, The Light Lab’s specialist team fabricated custom illuminated lines of light, to clad the ceiling and side wall of the office entrance portal.

The Glowline, housed in aluminium fins, with a Madrix-Nebula Control System, featuring programmable pre-set scenes, achieves a unique and colourful entrance to the IPG office

IPG glowline 13
IPG glowline 12
IPG glowline 17
IPG glowline 4
IPG glowline 15
IPG glowline 14
IPG glowline 7
IPG glowline 19
IPG glowline 2
IPG glowline 1 1