Grand Central, New Street

bespoke spectraglass ceiling fins

The Light Lab have manufactured and installed a bespoke Spectraglass ceiling fin installation at the MACE redevelopment of Grand Central, New Street in Birmingham town centre; part of the Bullring development.

HFM Architects were briefed by the client to enliven the malls at Grand Central, bringing in our specialist team to introduce a dynamic lighting scheme with The Light Lab’s Spectraglass ceiling fins; digitally animated with the latest in SPI technology.

Long term collaborators, light artists miriamandtom, have created various scenes of  light art to appear across the ceiling fins; easily programmable with intelligent lighting control by Pharos.

This is the first public installation in Europe of our bespoke digitally animated ‘Spectraglass’ ceiling fin system, and the first to be used within a retail environment. The only other project we’ve used this feature in, being the award winning ‘digital sky’ installation at Penn Station, New York.


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