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Lighting Solutions

Penn Station case study

At the Light Lab we design and manufacture custom lighting features and large scale lighting installations for a wide range of customers, from public realm to high end retail, residential and commercial.

We work with our clients to take their creative design concept through to design reality. Our attention is always on the design detail and the quality of materials, components and manufacture. We use our 20 years of industry experience, managing projects all over the world to ensure that the delivery of a feature is on time and fabricated exactly to the requirements of the design and install specification. We 3D model and physically mock-up designs to ensure that what a client receives is what the client wants. Our attention to detail and technical rigor runs through all aspects of the design, manufacture and assembly processes and gives us total confidence that the final installation is a straightforward, step by step process.

We have worked extensively in North America and have experienced project management staff resources dedicated to serving this geographical area.


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