The Light Lab have seen the growing importance of light art within the lighting industry over the past few years, with many of our own installations increasingly featuring light art as part of the design. One example of this can be seen with our continued collaboration with light artists miriamandtom.

From the colour changing light tunnel at One Pancras Sq, Kings Cross, to our award winning ‘digital sky’ glass fin ceiling at Penn Station, NYC; these ongoing collaborations have led to more & more projects with a focus on light art, combined with cutting edge technology; therefore maximising the potential of each project with more choice of colour palettes, effects and animations that are possible within the installations.

Art director Hannah Stouffer’s recent book ‘Lust for Light’, explores the world of contemporary light art, featuring work by notable artist including Eric Franklin, Teamlab, Jeongmoon Choi, Rolf Sachs & Kyota Takhashi – as featured recently in FX Magazine.




Author Ellen Murphy