It’s no secret that lighting can dramatically and fundamentally change the way a space looks and feels with the colour, luminosity and angle of the light all effecting the finished result.

And, as many people across the globe are spending an increasing number of hours at work, it’s no surprise that companies around the world are putting more thought, effort and investment into making their offices interesting, dynamic and pleasant places to be.

As a result, many of the most exciting and innovative offices are now incorporating fantastic lighting solutions into the fabric of the building, transforming the feel of the space and making their company stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of our top commercial lighting projects from the last few years:

1. The Filaments Marketing Suite
We worked alongside studioFRACTAL at The Filaments SW18, the latest development by Mount Anvil.
We realised studioFRACTAL’s detailed design requirements, supplying and installing all the specified fittings, together with building all lighting features.The main colour wall was built using our Glowsheet product and lit with our low-profile, high-output RGB LEDs; DMX controlled to create movement along the wall which studioFRACTAL both programmed and colour matched to the project’s tight branding criteria.

The main feature of the marketing suite is the LED colour changing wall, which can be set to static colour, or DMX controlled to create movement. With innovative, exciting and colourful lighting designed and built by The Light Lab, the marketing office for this new, high-end development in London’s South West is the perfect showcase for the apartments themselves.With a huge colour wall bringing a contemporary, modern feel to the space and several other walls and surfaces embellished with illuminated details, the office really sets the tone for the rest of the development.

The Filaments SW18 | Leisure lighting | The Light Lab


2. 33 Kingsway

We created seamless backlit glass ceilings in a major commercial project at 33 Kingsway, based around a full-height atrium at the centre of the building. In order to create continuous light above the lift on each floor, the complete ceiling is illuminated with a glass butt jointed to provide continuous light across 6.5m x 1.5m area.

We worked alongside Alma Cardzic to design a system that keeps the visible joints between the backlit glass panels to a minimum, to create a seamless, contemporary lighting feature.

Lighting Installations | 33 Kingsway | Light Lab

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3. Bishopsgate
We designed and installed a 6.5m wide x 5.5m high glass entrance portal, both inside and out and a 5m high glass column within the reception foyer. We also designed and installed all of the entrance glazing – incorporating 3.8m high glass doors so as to continue the lines of the existing curtain wall glazing on the building.

The portal had to be fully self supporting and free standing, as no interface with the curtain walling and existing structure of the building was permitted. Each leaf of the portal is one piece of glass (the largest 7m x 1.4m), so as to give an uninterrupted even glow to the whole portal.
The column has minimal supporting metalwork, giving a seamless floor to ceiling shaft of light to complement the portal and punctuate the entrance foyer.
Interesting logistical challenges given the location on Bishopsgate and limited access and space to work in for installation, but we feel a clean and impressive result.
Spotlight on Commercial Office Lighting | The Light Lab


5. Deloitte, Milton Keyne
A series of illuminated specialist glazed screens and walls, using LED edge and backlighting solutions, providing illuminated surfaces to the ground floor reception of a new office development.

Utilising bespoke fixing framework, we backlit the glass surfaces using high output LEDs, with a simple re-moveable skirting detail for maintenance. Where a strong blue was required we used a Schott coloured glass, to make sure the colour had a strong impact at all times of day.


Deloitte | Specialist lighting design | The Light Lab


6. Bespoke Atrium Chandelier

We worked on the design, build and installation of these bespoke chandeliers, for the main atrium of a new office development in The City, with architects TB Bennett, who devised the original concept with lighting designer Alma Cardzic. There were four chandeliers in total, with two main pieces dropping 13m, with 36 cascading glass globes; all handblown pieces produced by Stuart Wiltshire at Freeform Glass.

Design director Marcus travelled with client and TP Bennett architects to his studio in Weymouth to oversee the work, with the idea to form each one individually with a bubbled effect, in order to create shadows and interest to the LED lights within.

The resulting chandeliers create a breathtaking bespoke lighting feature, bringing a modern, artful twist to traditional office lighting.

Bespoke Lighting | Bespoke atrium chandelier | Light Lab


7. Ropemaker Place

We created sleek, white slimline wall panels and 5m x 1.5m glass lit doors at British Land’s new city build Ropemaker Place.

The Light Lab designed, manufactured and installed a back steel frame hanging system and steel door frames allowing 1.5m wide x 1.3m high 35mm deep stainless steel/opalika lit glass panels to be hung, butting perfectly to match width of escalators and create lift lobby back wall. Manufactured and installed matching stainless steel low profile doors and overpanels for lift lobby access.

Lighting Installations | Ropemaker Place, London | Light Lab

8.The Telegraph, London

With help from The Light Lab, the lobby and entrance areas of the Telegraph offices in London have been completely transformed into a modern, innovative space that welcomes visitors and adds colour to the overall design.

Made up primarily of glass panels, the colour of the lights can be changed to alter the look and feel of the space with both block colours and rainbow effects to choose from.

Lighting Installations | Telegraph Offices, London | Light Lab

Here’s some commercial office lighting from around the world that’s caught our eye!

Saatchi & Saatchi Bangkok

Located in the heart of the Thai capital, the Saatchi & Saatchi office in Bangkok has gone to great lengths to utilise lighting, geometry and interior architecture in order to create a totally unique workspace that perfectly showcases the company’s creativity.

With oversized, bold ceiling lights dominating many of the rooms and smaller spot and strip lights picking out design details, the building is a modern, colourful and eye-catching example of contemporary commercial lighting solutions.


Saatchi & Saatchi Bangkok


Vodaphone Head Office, Portugal

With its angular windows, irregularly shaped interiors and bright white exterior, the Vodaphone Head Office in Porto, Portugal is an eye-catching and ground-breaking example of contemporary office design.

To make the most out of the building’s interior, the designers have mimicked the angular surface of the windows and walls with their lighting, installing irregular strip lights in the ceiling and making the most of the bright light that enters through the building’s windows.


Vodaphone Head Office, Portugal


Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou Office – A Carnival of Ideas

Combining traditional carnival paraphernalia with bare concrete walls and contemporary design, the Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou Office is unlike any interior you’ve seen before.

The lighting in the space comes from a range of sources including neon signs, strip lights, spot lights and LEDs, together creating a unique lighting look that helps the interior to stand out even more.

By utilizing the creative opportunities offered by modern lighting solutions, companies can completely transform the look and feel of their premises, creating fantastic spaces for their employees to work in and stamping their corporate identity onto their office architecture.

Ogilvy & Mather Guangzhou Office - A Carnival of Ideas

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