Bespoke office light feature

The Liquidity Staircase

The Light Lab recently completed work on the manufacture and installation of a bespoke lighting feature; ‘The Liquidity Staircase’ – at a commercial office in central London. Working to an overall redesign of the office by architects Peldon Rose and Acrylicize, The Light Lab contributed bespoke lighting to the staircase feature – with a bespoke linear LED product, sitting inside a tube of water running down the centre of the stairs, into the flooring; representing the ‘liquidity’ of the changing markets – see excerpt below from the Acrylicize website:

The Liquidity Staircase piece plays on the words of XTX’s mission statement: ‘provide consistent liquidity, helping market participants throughout the world obtain the best prices in the various assets classes we cover, regardless of changing market conditions’. The idea of liquidity inspired us to create a staircase which uses the illusion of water elegantly falling through its centre, with the surrounding walls and ceiling becoming part of this installation – we played with 75 metres of copper pipe to emphasise the appearance of a liquid system running through the foundations of the building.

ArchitectPeldon Rose
Light DesignAcrylicize / The Light Lab
Services Bespoke Lighting Manufacturer Specialist Lighting Installation