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Building Facade Lighting

When the sun sets on the city of London, the skyline becomes a dynamic display of man-made light and colour. Buildings become objects of art, whether they are occupied or not. And whilst some luminaries […]


The Benefits of LEDs in Unusual Settings

Much has been written on the benefits of LED as a technology from all sectors of the lighting industry. Undoubtedly it delivers a wide range of benefits, not least the fact that it is more […]


Bespoke Chandeliers and Statement Pieces: 7 Things to Consider

Few features can transform an interior as quickly or as effectively as a statement light. Adding to the look of a space by day and dramatically altering the feel of a space by night, bespoke […]


Choosing the Right Lighting Designer for Your Projects

Light is an incredibly versatile and effective design tool, allowing architects, homeowners and businesses to add another dimension to both the interior and the exterior of a building. Good lighting can change your chances of […]


Interactive installation ‘City Speaks’ for Hull 2017 City of Culture

The Light Lab has fabricated a new interactive art installation called ‘City Speaks’ by the artist Michael Pinsky. Set in the Hull Tidal Barrier, the installation was commissioned as part of the ‘Look Up’ art […]